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2. Permission Form

Please read read each section carefully before completing the following questions

Photographs and Videos – Section 1

Occasionally, we may take photographs of the children at Nova Primary Academy. We may use these images in our school’s prospectus or in other printed publications that we produce, as well as on our website. We may also make video or webcam recordings for school-to-school conferences, monitoring or other educational use. From time to time, our school may be visited by the media who will take photographs or film footage of special events. Pupils may appear in these images, which could appear in local or national newspapers, or on televised news programmes.

Many parents also like to photograph or video their own children in school plays and at sports events. We would find it very difficult to exclude individual children from these photographs or videos and insist parents agree only to use these for personal and family use and do not upload to internet and social websites.

We cannot film or take photographs of any child that is at risk or under a supervision order.

Please note: that websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom where UK law applies.

Local Visits – Section 2

There are times during the school year when staff take the opportunity of conducting environmental visits in the local area as part of their studies. These visits are within walking distance and typically do not involve transport. For visits that require transport, a separate letter is sent to you. For Key Stage 2 pupils once you have signed for acceptance of local visits staff will make visits to local areas as needed. For Key Stage 1 and Reception pupils you will receive notification of such visits.

General Permissions – Section 3

During the school year, children may have the opportunity to take part in food tasting activities or be given treats (This could include food, sweets or watching appropriate PG films)

Medical / First Aid – Section 4

During school hours, pupils will receive appropriate First Aid (Loco Parentis)
If necessary the emergency services may be called, in which case parents will always be contacted.


- I agree to adhere to the policy for Parental/Carer Use of School Social Media and Internet Sites and understand there are consequences for breaching this policy.

- I agree to use the all school web and social sites in a positive manner.

- I understand that this form is valid for the duration of my child’s enrolment at Nova Primary Academy from the date signed below. Consent will automatically expire after this time.

- I agree that any photographs or video recordings at school events which include other pupils will only be for personal and family use only and understand where consent has not been obtained from the other parents for any other use, I would be in breach of the Data Protection Act if you used my recordings for any wider purpose.

Parent / Carer 1

Parent / Carer 2