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ART and Design


At Nova Primary, our art and design curriculum aims to build and develop pupils’ creativity, artistic skills and appreciation of a wide range of different art and design. Pupils learn practical knowledge through our art and design vertical concepts which have been carefully sequenced so pupils can gradually build their understanding and mastery in art and design.

These vertical concepts are: 

· Formal elements:   Colour, form, line, pattern, shape, texture and tone 

· Control of elements: drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D sculpture, textiles and photography/digital art.

Our aim is for the pupils at Nova to also develop their theoretical knowledge in art and design which includes the history of art. Pupils will learn about a range of artists who have been selected to illustrate the formal elements and to build pupils’ knowledge of the diversity of artists (their backgrounds, inspiration, and approaches. Pupils’ will also examine how artists inspire each other and how we can explore links between Traditional, Modern and Contemporary art. 

Our art and design curriculum also allows pupils to build their disciplinary knowledge within the subject. They will learn to ask and answer the following questions:

-What is art? Pupils learn about the diversity of artistic outcomes, the purpose and the meaning of art, and how it has been part of much of human history.  
-What do artists do? Pupils learn about how artists are influences by their own contexts and worldviews, and present the worldview through their art.  
-What inspires artists? Pupils learn about the range of ways that artists – and themselves as artists – can be inspired.