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Our geography curriculum provides all children at Nova Primary Academy with relevant and coherent understanding of the world and their place in it. It is selected to build pupils’ understanding of three vertical concepts. These vertical concepts provide both a concrete lens through which to study and contextualise geography, as well as use small steps to help pupils gain a deep understanding of complex, abstract ideas:

Space and Place: Developing and understanding of space through ideas related to location, distribution, pattern and distance. Developing a sense of place and character through ideas related to identity, home, community, landscapes and diversity, and examining a range of case studies from across the globe.

Physical Processes: How the Earth’s natural processes shape and change the surface of the Earth. This includes the structure of the Earth, and the physical features we see on land as well as weather and our changing climate.

Human Processes: The processes and phenomena that are caused by or relate to people including, the use of resources; the distribution and changes to population and communities and the features of economy and development.

Our geography curriculum has been carefully crafted to integrate fundamental disciplinary knowledge while fostering the capacity to tackle complex, geographically pertinent enquiry questions. It empowers students with the expertise needed to think, engage, and operate as proficient geographers. The Nova geography curriculum gives children a balanced view of the countries of the world and addresses misconceptions and negative stereotypes. Our geography curriculum teaches core disciplinary knowledge and the ability to approach challenging, geographically-valid questions.

Geographical skills and subject-specific knowledge are built on gradually from EYFS to Year 6 and, where appropriate, learning reviews and builds on relevant knowledge that is first taught in mathematics and science. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully devised to instil a passion for geography, igniting a sense of wonder that encourages further exploration of the world and one's role within it. Within our curriculum there are built in opportunities to undertake fieldwork, outside the classroom and virtually.