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Our 'Ambitions' learning curriculum has been chosen with great care. Underpinning everything we do at Nova is our desire to create purposeful, local, national and global citizens ready to face the challenges of the world beyond our school gates. Our intention is to deliver a curriculum that can respond to the changing world around our pupils, so we can help to shape resilient, independent and curious learners full of empathy.

We are committed to helping our pupils make links across themes and subject disciplines, by providing a cohesive learning journey. We believe the curriculum should be connected in a meaningful way, evidencing clear progression and should demonstrate a consistent approach throughout school.

We want our pupils to fully embrace cultural diversity, enquiring about, experiencing and celebrating a range of different cultural and faith heritages.

Our pupils need to be fully informed about sustainability issues, to care passionately about our world and to engage actively in conservation and sustainability issues, enabling them to become positive and active agents of and for change.

Above all, our aim is to deliver a curriculum which ignites in our pupils a passion for learning and a  curiosity to know more about the world around them.


To find out more information about our curriculum contact Miss Mileham