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Year 6 SATs revision

Listed below are a lot of useful resources for preparation for the Year 6 SATs. Some of the files require Powerpoint and some of them are in PDF form. All files should be able to be opened on the Year 6 iPads.



The following links contain examples of Reasoning papers. Remember that you will have two Reasoning papers during the SATs week.

Reasoning Paper 1
Reasoning Paper 2
Reasoning Paper 3
Reasoning Paper 4
Reasoning Paper 5
Reasoning Paper 6

MATHS - questions by topic

If you know that you struggle with a particular area of Maths, use the links below to focus on this area. For area that contain multiple topics, click the actual word that you are interested in and the questions will appear. For example, click on Proportion in the link Proportion, ratio and recipes.

2d shapes 2d shapes
3d shapes and nets 3d shapes and nets
Addition and subtraction Addition and subtraction
Angles and lines Angles and lines
Bar charts and pictograms Bar charts and pictograms
Capacity Capacity
Coordinates Coordinates
Decimal arithmetic Decimal arithmetic
Equivalent fractions Equivalent fractions
Formulae Formulae
Fractions and arithmetic Fractions and arithmetic
Handling money Handling money
Information and timetables Information and timetables
Length, distance and height Length, distance and height
Line graphs Line graphs
Mass Mass
Measuring and drawing Measuring and drawing
Mixed operations Mixed operations
Money calculations Page 1 Page 2 Money calculations Page 1 Page 2
Multiples, factors and primes Multiples, factors and primes
Negative numbers Negative numbers
Ordering fractions Ordering fractions
Percentages Percentages
Perimeter and area Perimeter and area
Pie charts Pie charts
Place value Place value
Proportion, ratio and recipes Proportion, ratio and recipes
Reflect and translate Reflect and translate
Rounding Rounding
Sequences Sequences
Specialist charts Specialist charts
Symmetry Symmetry
The Mean The Mean
Time Time
Triangles Triangles
Understanding fractions Understanding fractions
Volume Volume
Worded questions Page 1 Page 2 Worded questions Page 1 Page 2
Working backwards Working backwards